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  • Via Monte Bianco 22 – 89035 – Bova Marina (RC)

  • +39 0965 764992

  • info@satyroi.it

  • cooperativasatyroi@pec.it


  • Satyroi is part of the MEDEA Consortium. Which  is non-profit organization to promote, protect, organize and exploit organic agro-food products of all associated farms.

  • AIAB Calabria is a non-profit organization of social utility.the association promote and protect organic agriculture in entire Calabrian territory. It combines organic farms, companies processing, packaging and marketing organic products, skilled technicians and environmental associations of consumers and voluntary civil too.

  • Satyroi is a business partner of Arcoiris Ltd for which Satyroi sell organic and biodynamic seeds throughout the Calabria Region.

  • AIAB Srl, company founded in 2019 with the aim of providing services related to the promotion and development of organic agriculture.